Marketing ideas for ISPs


I would like to collect some ideas from you experinced folks on new ideas to push for an ISP that wants to add revenues by adding new service offering or attracting customers with VAS

  1. MPLS VPNs: we only provide connectivity, what else could we do, on the top of my head is:
    a) QoS

  2. Internet: we basicly provide ADSL for residential and SDSL for corporate

  3. Security: we offer nothing, just configuring firewalls for customers on their premises
    a) Customers blackhole their traffic
    b) Analyze customers traffic using sinkholes
    c) Managed firewalls/ids
    d) RADIUS based filters(ACL) for dialup/adsl

  4. DataCenter: we do normal datacenter, emails, hosting.

a) Hosting a mirror of freshmeat and sourceforge, tucowns,
b) Netflow analyzers: selling reports to customers or the Arbor Model

The points i have under each is things we dont have, i would like you to share with me your experiences with services from the above, feasability, and if there are supporting documents to be able to pullout a presentation,

All your private feedback is welcomed.