Market-based address allocation

Oh, I expect that I beleive that some folks are so confused by
  the smoke/mirrors of ISP politics that they are willing to
  pay good money to have their name associated with a prefix.
  and not just any prefix mind you, one that starts with 192 or
  is /16 or longer. ISPs treat those things as golden and will
  transit bits around from such things w/ impunity. Of course
  if these prefixes become a commodity, then I get to impune
  intellectual property on my prefix. e.g. 8 (tm) and
  everyone who uses 8 must pay me a royalty. Equally, if these
  things become a commodity, some studly wallet will buy them all
  and then where will you be? Rapidly moving to IPv6 I expect. :slight_smile:

  As mentioned earlier in this thread, the value is not the prefix
  or its length, its the ability to get and maintain a prefix in
  the routing systems of the sites you wish to communicate with.

  the slot is valuable, not what you place in it.

  e.g. the numbers, in and of themselves, are worthless.

  however, if I can get ANL to transit my packets by using numbers as the source addresses for packets
  I generate, that may have value.

  even more value may be obtained if I can convince rafts of
  more dewey-eyed neophytes to pass my bits around with that
  prefix as the origin of my sourced packets.

  in the end, its not the prefix, its the routing table slot.