Mark Tinka ping request


Kevin does work for Apache and was asking about OSS usage rates in Africa/other places as well.
Since I know you are very involved in SAFNOG, et al, I figured you’d be a good resource for contacts over there for data.

I’m CCing Kevin McGrail, so more of an intro if you know of anyone.


Eric Tykwinski
TrueNet, Inc.
P: 610-429-8300

Thanks, Eric.

Kevin, let's unicast so I can get a better understanding of what data
you are looking for.


Just so I'm clear, are you referring to Operations Support Systems or
Open Source Software? I was assuming the latter, but when you speak of
ClamAV, I suspect the latter.


I meant one-on-one e-mail, as I didn't want to give NANOG readers
unnecessary noise as we found our initial footing :-).

But thinking more about it, I'm certain you refer to OSS as in Open
Source Software. In that case, I am very curious where you got the
information that Africa have a very poor OSS deployment track record...

Please enlighten me...