March NSFNET T1 Usage by Service

              Jessica Yu <JYY@MERIT.EDU>,
              "Stefan Fassbender (GMD/EASInet)" <>
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Thank you for your very interesting tarffic reports, there is a question
which I have been trying to get answered without much success for some
time, which is the following:

Why is the traffic from ASN 590 (EASINet) into the T1 backbone so small
whereas the traffic to ASN 590 is so high (ratio 1/1000 in february).

(To be more precise: 78.736 Megabytes In, 82.14 Gigabytes Out)!

My personal explanation is that you only take into account the incoming
traffic and that for some reason, accounting has been disabled at the
EASINET entry into the T1 backbone, therefore only the traffic coming via
alternate access points (i.e. secondary or ternary) is really accounted for,
however, I could never get any confirmation of this "theory".

If this theory happened to be right, I would very much appreciate that
adequate mention to it be made inside the files containing the traffic


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