Management softwares


We are a medium ISP. We are looking for Management software solutions. We
are interested in finding a solution for billing, invoicing, scheduling,
ticketing, provisioning and monitoring, Any suggestions or recommendations
will be appreciated? We have been using multiple systems which do not
communicate. Our objective is to use a single system or at least reduce the
number of systems.

Thank you


Long term developer on Odoo, could add some functionality via module for

Give this a look; the webpage doesn't do it justice. It Doesn't do billing/invoicing, but does everything else on your list.

If you can, request that it be hosted in-house as they tend to have an outage at least once a month. O.o

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Sonar will do everything you are looking for a more


I'd recommend Sonar ( as well. The API is the best I've seen, and can be used to integrate your OSS into just about anything else.