Managed VPN vendors


I'm looking for vendors who can provide managed VPN services.

Key requirements:
* Users would be assigned their own globally-routable IP (or shared with a
small number of other users)
* Can QoS outgoing connectivity (or at least monitor it to prevent abuse)
* Split tunnel with only routes to specific netblocks/IPs (not
* Egress IPs would need to be dedicated (as in, not shared with any other
customers or people)
* Ease of administration (adding/removing users) is key (preferably an API!)

My Google foo is weak on this (cannot find anything like what I'm looking
for), so hoping somebody can help me out or at least point me in the right
direction. So much of the search results are about using a VPN to hide your
IP and/or protect privacy, which isn't what I am looking for.

If you know of anything, please hit me up OOB. Thank you so much in advance!