Malware/ransomware current live distribution points

The various domains and IP address listed in the following file
are, as we speak, acting as distribution/infection points for
some sort of Javascript malware which is almost certainly a
flavor of ransomware.

** FAIR WARNING *** Please use exceptional caution when browsing
to any of the domains listed within the following file. Doing so
with a vlunerable browser and/or from a vulnerable platform is
likely to cause encryption of your entire harddrive. Such encryption
may perhaps be irreversable without paying a ransom.

I am including below the same information as is present within the
above referenced file, but without the associated domain names. I do
this in order to avoid having this message improperly filtered, as
it might be, by some of the spam filters being used by some of the
people who really should see this message. (But the domain names
are all readily available in the above file.)

Note that the domain names involved in this particular set of malware
distributors are all third-level .COM domains, and that in all cases,
the actual text of the first (leftmost) of the three domain name labels
is irrelevant and can be replaced by any other valid domain name label
because the second level domains have all been wildcarded in the DNS.

The following list has been sorted numerically, based on the AS number.

RIR ASN IP address