Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock

Hi, Jordi:

  1. " … Because it is a single Internet, and what we do in some parts of Internet will affect others? … ": The nice thing about the EzIP scheme is that it proposes a collection of overlay network modules (the RAN - Regional Area Network), each is tethered from the existing Internet core via one IPv4 public address as the umbilical cord which isolates the two, except exchanging IP packets conforming to the established Internet protocol. So, EzIP essentially proposes to create a parallel cyberspace practically independent of the current one. There should be no concern about interfering each other.

  2. " … many previous unsuccessful discussions at IETF about 240/4: … ": Perhaps I am from the old engineer school, I was inspired by a street legend that,

After Thomas Edison tried over one thousand types of material to replace the lead-acid battery, people with conventional wisdom declared that he had failed one thousand times. Edison responded by saying that "I now know there are at least one thousand types of material that can not replace the lead-acid battery.

The moral of the story is that after one century, we are now beginning to use Lithium based battery which by itself went through tremendous amount of R&D efforts. So, I highly respect those who focus on alternative possibilities, instead of those regurgitating on unsuccessful discussions of proposals, let alone those avoid studying the root cause of the failed experiments.


Abe (2022-03-13 21:45)