> lists@reflections.mindspring.com writes:

> > The transition has not yet occurred; we will start transferring customers
> > come the beginning of September.

> In addition, we will not be offering free demo accounts. The ease
> with which spammers can acquire throwaway PSI accounts, coupled with
> PSI's inability to trace a given post back to its source, has made PSI
> a spammer's dream. It's not a matter of apathy, but of impotence.
> Those in charge of curtailing net abuse had few of the facilities
> necessary to do so.

> We will require NNTP authentication for news posting, and will
> immediately take action against accounts whose postings violate our
> terms of service (http://www.mindspring.com/aboutms/policy.html).

This must be a new tactic for you. I have received numerous spam-mail
messages from mindspring.com. I have sent numerous messages to
postmaster and abuse@mindspring concerning this problem, and never
received a reply.

I'm the one who answers postmaster mail here. If we recieve a complaint
about spam/abuse, we take action. We have no hesitation about cancelling
an account due to abuse- Those aren't the customers we want to have.
I'm not sure what you might have reported, but if you sent us a complaint,
we investigated it, and took action if necessary.

If you have problems with a user, send the report to abuse@mindspring.com,
and it _will_ be taken care of.