lists@reflections.mindspring.com writes:

> The transition has not yet occurred; we will start transferring customers
> come the beginning of September.

In addition, we will not be offering free demo accounts. The ease
with which spammers can acquire throwaway PSI accounts, coupled with
PSI's inability to trace a given post back to its source, has made PSI
a spammer's dream. It's not a matter of apathy, but of impotence.
Those in charge of curtailing net abuse had few of the facilities
necessary to do so.

We will require NNTP authentication for news posting, and will
immediately take action against accounts whose postings violate our
terms of service (http://www.mindspring.com/aboutms/policy.html).

This must be a new tactic for you. I have received numerous spam-mail
messages from mindspring.com. I have sent numerous messages to
postmaster and abuse@mindspring concerning this problem, and never
received a reply.

So your words are nice, but the reality checkbox is empty.