> No of course it is not. But bill is your response meant to imply that at
> a major exchange, there is simply going to be too much traffic to add the
> web stuff? Since the server is BEHIND the customer router the web
> traffic would hit the switch as part of the application layer traffic
> brought there by the customer. therefor should it really make any
> difference to have the web traffic avoid the extra hops of
> traversing the local loop?

  Thats a viable assumption.
  There is also the premise that for certain
  types/styles of exchange, direct hosting of
  servers may be a valid design consideration.

  Vertical Niche exchanges are becoming more popular.
  "Traditional" exchanges simply made a number of
  assumptions wrt participants which are not true.

  Newer exchanges are differentiation themselves
  in a number of ways, including more documentation
  on appropriate use.

  PAIX appears to be targeting the same type of
  market segment that other, progressive exchanges
  are trying to meet, e.g. colo with exchange.

  Part of the premise of placing all your eggs in
  one basket and then watching the heck out of it.