Major asia pacific public exchange points

What are the, or are there any, major international public exchange
points in the Asia-Pacific region? I know about the web
page listing lots of exchange points. For example, an exchange
point with at least two multi-regional/multi-continent ISPs. Europe
has the LINX, AMS-IX, dGIX, etc.

there are small regional ones in australia...but no real unified public
exchange points...

id sugguest andrew khoo ( would be a good person to
contact regarding the asia pac region

In New Zealand, there are three:

  NZIX, colocated with the University of Waikato at Hamilton. The
    original NZ peering point (UoW were the first to bring the
    internet here thanks to an NSF grant and a 9k6 sync subrate
    circuit to NASA, which is rumoured to still be live). Runs
    on ethernet.

  WIX (Wellington Internet eXchange), a distributed ethernet-based
    exchange on CityLink infrastructure. CityLink is a metro fibre
    network in Wellington run by Capital Network Holdings Ltd (CNHL).

  APE (Auckland Peering eXchange), an ethernet exchange located in the
    48th floor of Auckland's Sky Tower. Believed to be the highest
    public IX (above ground level) in the world, or at least as far
    as we've heard :slight_smile:

WIX probably carries the most peering traffic today. NZIX is
decreasing in significance, although it is still a focal point
for a couple of providers' networks. The APE is rather new, and
still gaining support from participants, although useful traffic
is being exchanged today.

To my knowledge, CLEAR Communications, IBM NZ (AT&T global network),
IHUG (TIG outside NZ) Telecom NZ, Telstra NZ and Voyager (OzEmail/UUNet)
all operate equipment located outside New Zealand, manage their own
international networks and participate at one or more of these exchange

Peering points have played an important role in the NZ internet --
because of our geographic isolation, and the relative scarcity of
international under-sea cable capacity, being able to reach any
other internet-connected device within NZ without your packets
leaving the country is something that people here take very much
for granted.