Major additions to Team Cymru's Bogon Feed

Greetings everyone!

Team Cymru is pleased to announce a significant addition to our bogon
reference project. The new portions of the project are offered at no
cost to the community, and the original bogon lists and feeds are not
being changed or canceled, just augmented.

The new "fullbogon" feed includes prefixes allocated to RIRs, but not
assigned by the RIRs to end-users, ISPs, etc, providing a more complete
view of the unassigned space that should not be seen on the Internet.

This new service is therefore more granular than the original feed,
including a wide variety of non-routable prefixes as well as unassigned
prefixes. We're also making IPv6 bogons available in these new feeds.

If you're interested in receiving the new "fullbogon" feeds via BGP,
simply e-mail with your ASN, peering IP addresses and
whether you use MD5 authentication.

See an overview in the 46th episode of Team Cymru's 'The Who and Why
Show' at, as well as a more basic overview in
episode 12. For a more detailed explanation of all the ways you can
track the bogons, see the newly-updated bogon reference pages at:

Even more so than the original feed, there are significant changes to
the fullbogons lists every day and the feed automatically recalculates
the prefixes as they are allocated from the regional registries, so make
sure you are able to regularly update your lists.

Internet security is all about "the other guy." If one sizeable network
is insecure, it WILL be used to abuse other networks. We look forward to
continuing to help our community to secure the edge.

Best regards,
Tim Wilde, for Team Cymru

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