Mailing list/group for datacenter facilities folks

Just wondering,

Is anyone aware whether there is already an active mailing list/group for datacenter facilities folks to discuss power, cooling, physical infrastructure, etc, etc...?


I would love to be a part of this list if there is one!!!

Cooling is not as easy as just pumping cold air into a room.....


Perhaps there should be a DC track at NANOG?

One of the reasons I have not gone in years.

I have much knowledge and experience to share, but no one to share it with.

There was one at, but that's now a paintball / Airsoft site.

$DAYJOB is willing to host a new maillist though. Give me a while and we'll get one set up.


I'd like to have discussions on air flow, CRAC units, A/B power practices etc etc..... thanks Jared =)


+1, beat me to it. Thanks!


Have found to have some
gems in it.

I mention only because it's otherwise a case of YAML (that is, Yet
Another Mailing List, not the logging format...)

Of course, not everyone uses or likes LinkedIn.



Indeed... it's even easier than that. Cooling is as easy as making
an entire room emit heat
to the outside environment at an average rate that is consistently
faster than heat transfer
into the room from all sources.

There are many ways of accomplishing that. One of the best ways
is to put your room
in an already cold environment, in contact with an excellent
thermal conductor.

For example... server room in the arctic region, at the bottom
of some lake.
Probably with all air removed from the environment, and a sound
thermal medium such as oil
pumped in in its place (make sure to use SSDs for all storage and no
mechanical devices).

repeal the laws of thermodynamics


There are ways to submerge spinning disks.



IBM was making water cooled disk drives for special customers in the early 70s