Mailing list for AADS participants

Regardless of what many of you may think of AADS generally, are
there people who would be interested in joining an AADS mailing
list, primarily to be used for broadcasting downtime notices or
for discussing Chicago NAP specific issues.

Perhaps a mailing list for other specific exchanges may be in
order also and I'll entertain hosting those as well, but I'm
presently interested in AADS since that is where we are at.

Please reply offline. If there appears to be enough interest
I'll setup the list and make a single announcement here. Please
pass this on to others as appropriate.


People still use the AADS NAP? :frowning: All of the departures are
getting frustrating, especially after we upgraded our full OC-3
to an OC-12. All our big peers went bankrupt or depeered with
us after that.

Sure, I would like to join this type of list. It is too bad
that SBC doesn't already run a list like this or make any
effort to promote peering at the NAP. Have you gotten any
other interest in it?


About 7 replies so far, which may not warrant it I'm not sure. It would
probably have been much more useful if we had it a few years ago. Maybe
it could be made a little more generic to include other Chicago
facilities (e.g. Starlight, Equinix) - which is selfishly what I care
about, because that is where we are - but as I said I'd entertain
hosting others.

It would be nice to have a place where I can send facility specific
queries, downtown follow-ups and outage notifications to. The list
would probably be very light in volume. ...and better than maintaining
emails to all the peers due to infrequency of contact, comings, goings
and bounces.

In addition, an archive of exchange/nap specific activity might serve
some useful purposes for historians and researchers.