Mail "HACKs"

Piete Brookes <> writes:

It appears that once again you seem to have b*ggered things up with your
mail HACKs, it that you sent messages to ""
but the RFC 822 headers had:

  From: Martin Cooper <>
  Subject: Re: relevance of MTCP email to janet-ip
  Message-Id: <>
  Sender: Martin Cooper <>


  From: Martin Cooper <>
  Message-Id: <>
  Sender: Martin Cooper <>

i.e. no reason at all to go to *every* member of T&R.

Can you pelase explain what is going on, and what steps you are going to
take to avoid any recurrances ?

I would have thought after the last incident, you would have taken somewhat
more care !


I would have thought (and would like to believe) that you (of all people)
would recognise the basic absolute human-right to freedom of speech.

Distressingly, or so it would seem, you appear unprepared to grant me this
basic right (albeit that my emails will attract unwelcome attention, and
cause much political weight to be brought to bear upon my head come Monday

RFC 822 (as extensively documented by the late Dr. Jonathan Postel founder
of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) specifies the "Bcc:",
also widely known as the "Blind Carbon Copy" header, intended to allow the
(E)SMTP mail sender to specify priviledged recipients to whom an email may
be sent, with a view to keeping the nature of such primary recipients of a
message unaware of the extent of the distribution of the message, for
whatever, tactful, political, or otherwise reasons unknown.

If I am required to resign because I express unpopular, or politically
non-expedient views, by whatever means, then so be it. I feel that it
would not be unreasonable to hope that the wider Internet community
would sympathise with me, and permit me to earn my living through my
desire to further the goals of that community, by working with whoever
may feel minded to give me house room.

Martin Cooper
Taking much care to express my views, as ever, for myself...