mail admins?

this ship left port in the 90's. you might as well be an old man yelling
at clouds. oh wait, randy does kind of resemble grandpa simpson :slight_smile:

telnet host 587

mail-from <>

rcpt-to <>



I did a bit of that last week when Google up and decided that gmail's
"send as" feature would no longer communicate with servers offering
starttls with a self-signed certificate.


No, but complaining about javascript on websites is about as relevant today as complaining that the horsepoop pushers union is lacking relevance. javascript is a hell of a lot safer than downloading native apps on your phone, for example. and don't get me started on OAUTH being used for native apps...


Because those are, of course, the *only* two possible options for accessing

- Matt

I'm sorry that you all need to prove as muchly as possible that you're capable of living in the Stone Age, but us devs give you a collective ::yawn:: you are completely irrelevant.