Maformed SNMP Packet log/trace

in my experience, the upstream, typically via terrestrial, is more lossy
than the downlink.

this has nasty effects on ssh windowing. i haven't used telnet in a long
time, more specifically over sat links.

asymetric traffic over high-speed, low latency, low loss links is mostly

when one path is clean, and the other is dirty, then the symptoms get worse.

also, asymetry is relative.

in one case, i had packets go high speed across north america (uunet/teleglobe/
sprint/alternet/etc/etc) over unencumbered fiber to the UK, then up via
satelite, down into the middle east into a terrestrial fiber network to the
dial-up port to the user.

the return path was dial-up over ancient infrastructure, to an overloaded
national backbone provider, via overloaded circuits to singtel, across the
pacific (using different networks depending on the phase of the moon), into
north america.

this is wholly different from have the outgoing packet traverse teleglobe
from newyork->los-angeles, and having the return packet go via alternet from
los-angeles->newyork. (although, depending on the phase of the moon, sometimes
teleglobe and/or alternet resemble the previous paragraph). 8^)

Speaking of Starband.. I have seen latency in the 1.2 second range. This
was over a year ago so maybe they have gotten better..