MAE West

[ quoting Bill ]
> > to build in better reliability? It appears that the owners/operators of
> > MAE-West are selecting an optimization path based on the assumption that
> > outages are infrequent and can be quickly corrected.

> Both assumputions have been repeatedly proven false BY MFS.

Indeed. More importantly, Bill, he wasn't suggesting duplicating the
400Mbps aggregate, but _splitting_ it; it is, after all, _already_ 4
separate links.

I believe that MFS should well be considering redundant 400Mbps pipes
on a non-loop-free environment. This would require spanning tree, so
MFS would have to set it up so only one of the two sides of the loop
would be active at a given time. Yes, this would require an additional
OC3. I think given the amount of revenue MFS pulls in from MAE West and
the demonstrated problems that have happened because they have not done this,
it would be well worth them doing this.

Additionally, enabling spanning tree might well eliminate the situation where
every time someone loops a ds3 or oc3 circuit it takes down the entire mae.

Come on guys, let's fix this.