MAE West

OK. No-one else seems to have mentioned (noticed?) it, so let me see if
I can get the info flow going.

Over 12 hours ago, MFS started some maintenance at MAE West. All the
peers went down. Most have not come up. MFS is still working on it, and
says that it looks like some kind of Gigaswitch failure during the
maintenance. They don't seem to have any kind of ETR.

Does anyone else have any better info?

they're moving the gigaswitches down one floor, away from the horrifying
environmentals to which they subject paying customers. this outage should
not last more than tonight, and then we can return to the comforting normal
daily less global outages.

our hope is that, in the move, maybe someone else will draw the giagswitch
port from hell which has lost connectivity to one of our routers three or
more times in the last while. such pleasure should be a shared experience.