MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)


It feels great to be piped into your bit bucket. As least /dev/null
has the wisdom not to burn off into a flame because someone has
an opinion or idea he is not interested in reading.

If you wish to continue to beat me up, I am willing to let you take
your frustrations out on me. Randy, please feel free to do it
privately, however. But, as you stated indirectly, it is
easier to bring "peace to the world" than to convince me to accept and
act on the emotional arguments of irrational, mob-o-cratic (sic) minds.

Now, let's continue the 'very important' topic of 'why is is so
difficult' to have redundant RSs in the NAPS. Let's see, we can
flame Merit.... or those operational in an experimental configuration...
or we can flame Tim Bass, the Clueless, Idiot, Moronic, AntiChrist
(no, can't have that honor, that belongs to S. D. the 666 :slight_smile:


PS: Apologies for responding to Randy's personal attack in public.