MAE-West is up again (Sun's & Alphas)

Paul writes:

Your message addressed platform performance, not network operations.
My reply is mostly just about network operations.

To be sure, you are correct. My subliminal message was more-than-likely
something like this:

"There is very little justification for being single threaded in
network operations in today's very inexpensive, high performance,
UN*X world.' (IYKWIM)

So, the issue, does not really appear to be "Router Servers: Are
They A Good Thing, Yes or No"? as implied in a much earlier post,
but more an architecutural issue, single threaded configurations,
and so forth.

Even 'experimental, non-operational' (whatever that really means in
the real world.... use at your own risk) services such as RA could
easily and cheaply have some redundancy built in at a very moderate
cost in todays world.

Back to Saturday, Best Regards,


Side note to Gordon Cook based on his contribution earlier:

Gordon, just a little barb to you, please do not take it personally,
but.. "is your current trip to Russia also funded by the NSF similar to
your previous trip"? ( inquiring minds want to know :wink:

Whoops! There I go again, standing in the corner, just losing my
religion.... Oh well, I said too much, I haven't said enought....

        Micheal Stipe, REM.

tim asks who is paying for my trip to Russia. How about me for
incidentals and a total of $13.50 for tax on a delta frequent flyer
ticket? NSF has
paid for NONE of my trips. In Sept october 1994 NATO paid for a $620
airplane ticket and I paid $120 to extend it and for all other expenses.