MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

call it what you will! I meant to say **not** used until other efforts
have failed. in the meantime, bill has just about stated that current rates
are on web pages. As i said a moment ago it would be nice if someone
would post them.

  Hum, I would expect that actual pricing may not be
  reflected on Web pages anymore. In fact Sprint does
  not have a web site for its NAP.

  The other pointer I recommended was the Sales Force(s)
  for each operator. They will be more than happy to
  provide quotes. Very likely the same quotes as provided
  to any of their other customers.

Ah, thanks Bill. this is more useful. Interesting that it is the web
pageless sprint nap that I have had the most complants about. Interesting
that apparently connection prices are not quoted in a public place but
available from the sales forces.

this is beginning to get my attention. If ISPs would be willing to fax me
written quotes they have gotten over the last few months, I would compile
the data and report on what I find. could be a way of keeping the sales
forces honest.

since I haven't a clue as to who any of these guys are, i'd be delighted
to hear from any NAP provider sales guys who are reading this list. Am i
naive if I invite those Nap owners that the RA is paying for a connection
and who feel they are charging the RA a fair price to report the amount of
such price?