MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

Interesting enough, you would *think* the NSF awardees would be happy
to share their contractor-subcontract data to the public. Especially
considering that these relationships were questioned by Congress back
in 1992, and the conflict-of-interest issues surfaced.

NSF did an internal study at the request of Congress that addressed
many of the same NAP issues in 1992 that are just as relevant or more
so in 1996. The internal study tried to correct the issues, made
some recommendations, etc.; but the problem still remains by all
accounts (just look at the NSF 4090 and 4091 awards and understand,
a little, how IP Internetworking works.... rocket scientist
knowledge *not required* and need not apply :slight_smile:

Why is that?

Because the US government does not demand better accountability from
awardees. Because, again IMO, if the US gov made, as a conditio,n that
all subcontract actuals must be reported to the sponsor (they are not)
and made part of the public record (they are not), then it would
be easy to see how the money flows and why, and *we all* could see
for *ourselves* and think *for ourselves* and draw our own conclusions.

This appears to be something that taxpapers should demand. How
NAPs are funded, how RA research money is actually spent, how
ICM money is subcontracted and to whom, how much money actually
goes to YFRV, ad infinitum; it should be, but *is not* accessable
public information unless the programs are specifically audited,
and in that event, the audit is internal and the details are
not made public.

Why not make the contract-subcontract relationships and amounts
public when public funds are being used? After all, if you can't
manage and track the money you are spending, then the short answer
is "better not award it".

This begs an answer, IMO. The Internet just continues to spiral,
not because of 'routing tables', but because of more fundamental
business ethics issues. But by redirecting the focus to
mundane technical issues, smoke-screening the flow of money issues
and ethics issues.... life goes on.