MAE-West is up again ( RA Contract Value )

But on the other hand, even though 'technically or administratively'
MAE_WEST RA was of named status 'not-production'; when it crashed
if it effected the daily production operation of networks, then
questions and introspection are expected.

  Yo, Timster,
    Please reread the solicitation again carfully.
    I am not aware of any language that indicates
    MAE-WEST, housed at NASA-AMES or MFS-SanJose
    was part of the agreement. These systems were
    put there out of the good graces of ISI and MERIT.
    No-one was paying for them or thier on-going operations.
    When folks wanted to peer, they were explicitly told
    these were not production machines. Something that
    the RA team did on the side, with spare cycles,
    BECAUSE it was/is important.

    Now, lets look a bit more into that high dollar
    award, shall we? Reread that soliciation again.
    No where does it state that the RA gets a free ride
    at any of the NAPS. We have to pay, just like everyone
    else. And we have two connections, where most everyone
    else has one. And who is the RA paying, with our award
    dollars? Your right! Its your local telco/NAP operator.
    Just as a datapoint, one of them had set inital pricing
    at $60,000.00 per MONTH per connection. They have been
    talked down from that number, but it still would eat
    that paltry 10M award in much less than 5 years.