mae-west corrigenda

Sean is usually very careful with his choice of words but in this instance
I am afraid I don't understand the use of "compromised".

Also I have a question. Leaving aside the question of commercial use... I
am in St Petersburg Russia now....which is why, unfortunately I will miss
a Nanog meeting that is otherwise physically near me, and I will not tackle
*this* issue from here, Sean in an earlier comment implied that if sprint
were running a RS like the one at Mae West, it could be profitable because
it would be a good easy and cheap source of peering for other ISPs.
Would Sean or someone else elaborate on this? For example I didn't think
it was the case that if Sprint is now using the services of the RA
that being connected to the route server at MAE west would have been the
same thing as having full peering with Sprint? Exactly what kind of
connectivity DO you get from the use of the RS there or anywhere eles
assuming that the RS is working.