mae-west congestion

If you take a look at
you find that the Ames FDDI ring is totally saturated. Now, that means that
anyone who's trading traffic over on that side, or between Ames and San Jose,
is getting really really lousy performance.

What I don't understand is why that has _stayed_ saturated... it seems to me
that some of the big players would have rerouted their traffic by now to avoid
subjecting it to this, which would also have the side effect of causing the
problem to, at least for the short term, go away.

I can't do much about this myself, since my router isn't one of the ones
generating huge amounts of traffic over on that ring, but surely someone
on this list is in that position... and the major contributors to this
traffic must be getting complaints from their own customers about how their
packets are being routed via a lossy interchange point.

-matthew kaufman