SEAN@dra.COM (Sean Donelan) writes:

Of course, WCOM wins for having the hottest POPs.

Sorry to followup on my own posting. I should mention that after
peaking at 37C (98F) in June, WorldCom has finally gotten their
Washington DC co-locate down to a comfortable 19C (66F). So WCOM no
longer has the hottest POPs (within my measurement domain).

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Avoidance System (AMLAS).

i think i probably win for having the hottest environment:

  bpc_border2_mel#sh env
    CRITICAL - RSP(2) Inlet measured at 101C/213F
    CRITICAL - RSP(2) Hotpoint measured at 89C/192F
  bpc_border2_mel#sh env all
  Arbiter type 1, backplane type 7507 (id 4)
  Power supply #1 is removed (id 3), power supply #2 is 700W (id 2)
  Active fault conditions: none
  Active trip points: none
  15 of 15 soft shutdowns remaining before hard shutdown
  Dbus slots: XXX XXX
   card inlet hotpoint exhaust
  RSP(2) 101C/213F 89C/192F 92C/197F
  RSP(3) -39C/-38F -39C/-38F -39C/-38F
  Shutdown temperature source is 'hotpoint' on RSP(2), requested RSP(2)

(of course, the environment isn't this hot at all - the environmental
monitoring on a RSP has gone way faulty. :slight_smile: ).