there are two that i'm aware of in MAE-NY that are connected to the FDDI
concentrator, Digex/Intermedia and INet Solutions (the latter being my
former employer.) so far as i know, they are not actually exchanging any
traffic, though, the peering agreement between the two never having been

BBN/GTE have quite a few cabinets, but are not hooked up to the FDDI, and
there is an ANS cabinet that i never saw turned on (but this may have

rental for a rack is currently on the order of $650/month, but Worldcom/MFS
wants to see about $7K/month of income associated with a rack. the exchange
connection is $2000-$4000 a month, depending on whether you get a FDDI
hookup or a DS3 hookup. MFS income credited towards the cabinet could also
come from other circuits leased from MFS and terminated in the cabinet.

this info is all from my having installed a POP there last winter for INet,
and from more recent inquiries relating to my current job. we've since
chosen to travel a different path...