Mae-LA has kicked off if you look at it this way:

1. Every provider there, that I am aware of, will peer with any other providers
connecting to Mae-LA.
2. Some of the biggest providers of colocation and access in the LA area are
present at Mae-LA: Exodus, CerfNet, Genuity, Internex and LosNettos.
3. Even if the "big boys", as Bill put it, were present, you probably wouldn't
meet their peering guidelines by only being at Mae-LA, and therefore it
wouldn't make a difference anyways.
4. Being smaller than Mae-West and Mae-East, it doesn't have all the wonderful
problems like looped OC3 circuits, head-of-line blocking, long power outages
and people that are leaving their interfaces at 100% utilization.
5. Bill Manning has better statistics on his homepage than MFS does for the
other Maes. :wink:

We have no plans on bailing out of Mae-LA anytime soon. In fact, we've placed
an order to increase our connection from 10Mbps to a shared FDDI (as they don't
have enough traffic to justify a wonderfully HOL ridden Gigaswitch yet).

Exodus Communications Inc.