I'm sure all of you noticed that MAE-East has ate it a few times
in the last hour or so. Did any of you have any luck getting an
explanation as to what's going on?

Connections to the gigaswitches, the shared fddi concentrators,
and the ethernet switches all went down...

Power? If not, what would cause such a massive disturbance?

Besides an airplane crashing into it....


Yeah... our FDDI bounced 3 times...

MFS has master ticket #102571 open...

This is what our NOC has in (our) open ticket:

   The master ticket from MFS is 102571, they are now
   aware of the matter and have an engineer on it.
   At 2303 EST they found 22 line entries of loops.
   There were 6 at 2252. Terry is the MFS engineer working on the issue.
   The logs were found on the gigaswitch /usr/mae-logs/group/31 bridge logs

Prolly another bridging loop w/ a NetEdge -- that's what they always are
:wink: *duck*


Well, an interim RFO from MFS is that one of the
Gigaswitches rebooted at 2252 EST and they upgraded two
processors on the (same?) Gigaswitch which caused
subsequent outages.

They'll have Tier 2 folks look at it in the morning.

If it was a Gigaswitch problem, why did peering
sessions between two providers (not Genuity) that
are on the same shared FDDI concentrator go down?

Maybe I need to look at the MAE-East architecture
map again...


Anyone know exactly what happened? All my sessions reset except for 1
session with the RS. Seems weird that all but one went down..

show ip bgp sum snapshot 4 2885 38922 23367 4508775 0 0 08:29:34 4 2885 39978 23524 4508775 0 0 2d22h