MAE-east weirdness

Subject: Re: MAE-east weirdness
From: "Karl Denninger, MCSNet" <>

Can we PLEASE not use nanog for this sort of thing?

I mean, yes, it's for operational issues, but it's not for the sort
of ignorant fingerpointing you can resolve by just calling the relevent
party's NOC.

> Did this happen on Friday? If so I heard from a directly knowledgeable
> source that there was a power failure in Dallas that affected the MFS pop
> there and that MFS had to bring in a truck with generators to get the
> node operational again. If this is correct wold the looping be really
> blamable to either UUNET or Sprint?

Gordon, if you care, call up Alternet and Sprint before sending out

involved is pointing default somewhere (which could cause this). My
understanding is that both Sprint and Alternet run defaultless (as do
many multihomed providers who have a reasonable route table such as MCS.)

Karl, I believe your understanding is incorrect, but, nevertheless, I
believe that this can all be attributed to a DS3 cut that is affected
Alternet, and has been all day. I'm sure they know and are working to
fix it as quickly as they can, and presumbaly they're having problem
with route flap.

My apologies John... if my comment was not in keeping with accepted
standards for this list I'll go back to lurking.