MAE-East update

Just got a call from Worldcom; here's what they told me.

  Apparently the core gigaswitch will periodically reset and
  switch to another processor, which may cause brief outages.

  Worldcom and DEC techs are trying to reproduce this in a
  lab so that they can figure out exactly what's causing it.

  Life on the bleeding edge is /so/ much fun. (NOT!)

[ snip Worldcom/DEC gigaprobs ]

Does anyone know if DEC manufactures the gigaswitch itself, or
is it OEM'd, and from whom?


DEC designed the GigaSwitch. Don't know if they still build it or not.

Here is the dec GIGAswitch/FDDI Multitechnology Switch
Hope this helps some

Henry R. Linneweh

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