MAE-East still no generator

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any personal experience with
losing utility-provided power more than, say, three times in a day?

Plenty. When power goes out around here, its going to go up and down
several more times.

DRA is located between several organizations concerned with real money,
Bridge Information handles real-time trading feeds, MasterCard International
does credit cards and Western Union/AT&T does money orders. The standard
operating procedure around here is three backup generators. Nothing can
ruin your trading day faster than a power failure just at the moment you
have your backup generator torn apart for maintenance. With 24 hour
trading becoming the norm, all day is trading day. Two generators
usually start immediately, with the third one held as a spare.

DRA won't make the news. But if you hear MasterCard International is down,
DRA will likely have suffered the same fate.

P.S. a generator hint, don't forget to keep your fuel tanks warm. As
several sites in the northeast found out a couple of winters ago, diesel
fuel gels at very cold tempatures.