MAE-East still no generator

Interesting enough, many fire departments won't allow roof mounted
generators anymore because storing fuel along with it is considered
hazardous. We had an awful time getting our 250 kw generator installed
and ended up with it on the ground level next to the parking garage
with an integral fuel storage tank; it was the easiest to get permitted.

Also, if you have ever been to MAE-East, you might realize that one
particular tenant that is effectively "sub-letted" in the facility

Eberything in the huge UUNET cage looked to be on DC...

would probably have a slim to none chance of getting such a thing
installed. I suspect the DC to AC inverters are best for folks to
try, but it would have been nice if MFS had addressed the issue in
a more effecient manner when the new facility was constructed.

Ed Morin