MAE-East still no generator

This issue of AC v DC and reliabilty of facilities is interetsting. We
co-locate equipment at several telcos, and they co-locate equipment
with us out west. We prefer DC wherever possible. This is because the Telcos
don't depend upon anyone but themselves to provide reliable and clean power.
Another way of looking at it is that if the telco goes down, then the
application layers above are useless.We just received the first of several
7507s to that end....all DC.

Our real problem is getting them to fit properly in 23" racks :slight_smile:

George Hall 916-565-4500

While this may not apply to 7513s, we've found that super-sturdy $25
23" or 19" rack shelves (and Greybar sells the Chatsworth sturdy
shelves for $75 or so) take a 7507 or 7000 (or 7505/7010) *very* well,
and there's not need to bother with the rack-harnesses.


Actually, if you have the luxury of front and rear rails, the Chatsworth
23" to 19" adapter plates work quite nicely with the Cisco 7xxx series
mounting kits. The plates come in a variety of sizes, but we use the ones
that are about 5" if I recall that perfectly fit the hole patterns on the
top and bottom of the kits. Once the whole mess is mounted in the racks,
it sort of looks like the router is "suspended" in air, but I assure you
it is quite sturdy as those plates don't warp/bend at all. Also, the
little mounting ears that go on the router for keeping it locked in the
rails work nicely with the same adapter plates. That is, mount the plates
on the rails and the ears mate up with them just as they were meant to.