MAE-East still no generator

I don't think so. AC is not very good for distance. When you have a AC
sine wave you also get reverse EMF that distorts the signal. AC is like
VHS it was at the masses first. DC like BETA works better, though if you
use DC you would have a lot more deaths because AC is a little easier to
take if you touch the wire at high currents.

My impression was that AC was used in power transmission because it's so
easy to trade off voltage vs. current, and since the resistance in wire
is related to current and not voltage, cranking the voltage to huge levels
(easily done w/ AC w/ transformers) means very low (compared to DC) loss
due to the internal resistance in the wires.

I think it is. When you buy space at DEC they don't day well don't forget
your APC because we don't have backed AC power or even a generator.


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Replace 'day' with 'say' and it makes more sense :wink: