MAE-East still no generator

  Certainly it would be reprehensible if the MAE-E core
  infrastructure (that which MFS owns/runs) wasn't backed up.
  However, I believe it is.

  I do not believe that it is the responsibility of MFS to provide
  power to individual's equipment that is co-located at the site.

If reliable power is not considered an essential part of facility
infrastructure, how would you suggest that tenants get it? I think
that the incident at the WilTel POP in Santa Clara, CA, is sufficient
to prove that having individual tenants each supply their own
(typically small) UPS is a Bad Thing - the power was out long enough
to drain them to zero, furthermore (this part I have second hand) some
of them didn't take well to being flatlined like that. If everyone
were left to solve that problem on their own ... well, imagine
everyone jockeying to park their trailer-mounted portable generator
near the door. Yow.

Do you feel the same way about air conditioning? Security?

I believe that things like power, AC, and security (all reliable) are
an essential part of a facility's infrastructure (and that's why PAIX
has them). When engineered on a facility-wide scale you get a stable
platform on which to build up successive layers, and you get economies
of scale by solving the problem once for everyone.


With telecomm dereg as life, GTE Mobilnet in Hawaii is now selling co-lo

We supply battery backed DC, battery fed - inverted DC to AC,
all backed by a cat diesel generator. AirCon is fault tolerant as well.
We supply locked cabinets or cages. We install your equipment (power
connections etc.), you turn it up. We have UNIX and IP literate
people with Bay, Cisco, BSDI, NT, USR TC, Ascend and Solaris experience
on premise and, avail 24x7. just co-lo'd their Hub for
Hawaii, soon to be a NAP per their plans. Three other medium to
large ISP's are there as well.


Patrick J. Chicas