MAE-East still no generator


  As a few folks have pointed out, my less than eloquent
  explanation of why AC is more economic than DC over distance is
  not as accurate as it could be. I could argue what I meant as
  opposed to what I wrote, but I'd still be a bit off :slight_smile:

  Regardless, the point still stands that there's nothing inherently
  "modern" about AC as opposed to DC.

  The larger issue is having the appropriate pieces of
  telephony/routing/switching backed up w/ a reliable supply.

  Or mischievous hands moving power cables around :slight_smile:


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] > To stay in the tradition of the NANOG mailing list, I will take
] > this subject a bit off topic. :slight_smile:
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] > The common American household and business operates on Alternating
] > Current mainly because of distance.
] >
] > Over long distances, Alternating Current loses less energy in
] > transferring energy than Direct Current. For proof, imagine the
] > energy actually moving from point a -> point b (as in DC) or
] > moving back and forth in millions of sets between points a and b.
] > (and not moving as far) (as in AC).
] The real reason that AC is more efficient to transmit is that transformers
] work on AC, and that means you can, with little effort, trade amps for volts.
] Then you get to transmit the power at high voltage, but low current draw.
] That means thin wires (saves copper) and less resistive loss (saves energy).
] Are we far enough off topic yet?
] -matthew kaufman