MAE-East still no generator

Andrew Partan writes:

I was over at MAE-East installing some equipment sometime early
this summer & I was talking with some MFS folks. They were looking
at the AC powered gear that I was installing & were wondering why
I did not do DC - they said that there was *lots* of DC capacity
(all battery backed) at MAE-East. Last week I was over there again
& poked around. I think that I only saw *two* folks that were
using DC - everyone else was on AC.

So what are you using? AC or DC? If you are not on DC, I would
switch. Maybe you would have better luck.

I believe that most of the country switched from direct to alternating
current late in the last century, and that by now it should be
expected that most commercial equipment in the world will either
operate at 120VAC or 220VAC, and not on direct current.

I realize that the phone world that MFS is part of operates
differently, but this is networking equipment we are talking about,
not phone switches, and UPSes are very old tech at this point.

In other words, its silly for them not to have UPSed AC available.