MAE-East still no generator

} Check out the nice graph of MAE-East for that last 5 days. When are
} they going to get a generator installed? Why can't you pay for a
} generator when you are charging +30 people $5,700 a month?

At least part of the facility (1919 Gallows, P1) is on generator, or
hasn't had a power outage recently.

mae-east uptime is 3 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours, 46 minutes

All of our equipment is on battery-backed -48 volt DC power. Well, for
full disclosure, almost all of it, there is a dialup modem plugged into
a wall wart; but I can't find an rackmount DC-powered NEBS compliant
modem in quantities of one.

But, there seems to be some piece of equipment somewhere that's missing
power. Even though the FDDI interface stays operational, we seem to loose
almost all the peering sessions. Even other folks who also are on DC power.
AS286 sticks around for some reason I can't explain. I guess its time to
physically walk the circuit path looking for equipment plugged into a
wall outlet.

BTW, are other folks getting advanced notice from MFS about this? Our
sales person claims we're on the notification list, but we still don't get
advanced warning about work at mae-east.