MAE-East snafu redux

Has everyone just become so used to terrible performace at MAE-East, or am
I the only one seeing problems? I'm seeing perfect performance to
networks connected to Gigaswitch 1 (excluding overloaded ports), but
15-20% packet loss to anyone connected to any other Gigaswitch. In the

No. But the rest of us are too afraid to ask MFS to touch the switches
least they start falling over every 15 minutes again, as has happened
the last few times MFS jiggled something.

I do wish providers and MFS could arrange trunking a bit better. For
example, we on the same gigaswitch as one provider, but we end up sending
traffic across the inter-switch trunks to a different gigaswitch because
of the way the BGP sessions are setup with a second router the provider
uses. Yes, the other provider is aware of it, and yes the other provider's
senior backbone engineering staff is aware of it, and yes they have no
plans to change it. I almost get the impression, they want it to have
poor connectivity.