Mae-East Reboot?

Was the Mae-East reboot scheduled or unscheduled?


It is so often f*cked lately, who would know?

"We have a MAE-What?"

MFS seems to think it was scheduled, but I don't know anybody
  besides them who had heard about it beforehand.

MFS mentioned to me earlier that they were going to be making a decision
as to when they would be doing work following an assessment of todays
stability. (Tonight vs. Saturday)

They also mentioned that the problems we were seeing with Mae-East
bouncing was a result of problems with integration of Giga 6.

I was just told now by their customer service center that tonight at 4AM
Central they will be reinstalling trunk cards between Giga 4 and 6 which
were disabled last night, and as a result, we may bounce one more time.

Right now I'm concerned about the packet loss between sides at Mae-West
(which varies during the day between 5 and 15 %).


What appears to be happening is that trunking between the switches appears
to be intermittently failing (its the only explanation that I can come up
with for suddenly losing all of the peers on one switch, and then getting
them back a few moments later). I haven't seen any new problems with it
since about 9pm PST (or is it PDT now, I can never remember) last night.
When the connections are up it appears that the trunking between several of
the Gigaswitches is saturated and needs to be increased. I am currently
working on graphing packet loss and latency between my router and routers
on other switches. (Yes, I know this isn't terribly precise, but its better
than nothing).

I wonder if the congestion between the AMES site and the MFS site for MAE
West will be cleared up any time soon. (Kudos to the NASA folks for god
responsiveness on this issue, actually, I'll trust that they will get
something done).