MAE ATMs... guessing & monitoring... in the absense of PeerMaker

Hi all,

More operational today than usual...

"PeerMaker" with all the bells & whistles (i.e. any monitoring capability at the MAE ATM NAPs) has been shelved until next year due to 'performance hiccups' Great.

This problem doesn't arise at AADS or PBNAP because the silly guesstimates and ceilings for sustained cell rate and assigned PVC sizes aren't an issue. It would seem noc troubleshooting MAE ATM cell drops would be nightmare if the peer is having an event or somesuch...

I just spoke to a couple of peers with circuits soon to arrive (same boat Onyx is in) and we are wondering why we have to supply this guess if there isn't a way to monitor and make proper adjustments when necessary.

My MAE account rep. is on vacation.

Looking for feedback from participating peers... via private mail please.


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