mac limit per VPLS domain

I'm wondering what would be the sane default MAC limit per VPLS domain as
well as per port assuming the RSP can hold up to 512K MAC addresses please?
I believe the answer would partly depend on the business model (like I can
start with 2 MACs per port and 50 per domain and have customers to pay extra
for additional MACs) as well as expected number of VPLS customers/domains
Thank you

Hi Adam,

I think you're correct -- it depends on the business model.
If your customers CE devices will be routers you can make the maximum number of
macs correspondingly small, and if they will be switches, you'll have to determine what
makes sense for each interface and domain.

I think it is a great idea to have limits of some kind on both interfaces and domains, to
avoid problems with misbehaving hardware or software bugs.