MA statewide 911 outage and resolved shortly afterwards?

Via the Outages list, info from the Boston police department followed about an hour later by a “it’s fixed” message.

Did anyone in MA receive a push notification from their cellular carrier?

Quotation from original posts follows

"I have a report this 3pm Tue, hour from the authenticated FB page of the Boston PD,
that 9-1-1 service is out statewide in Mass; they’re handling it as a Code 2 AHOD;
flag down a cruiser if you need help.

9-11 is currently down statewide.

If you are experiencing an emergency please pull a Fire Box.

If you need assistance, please reach out to your local Boston Police District station.

Boston Police will be patrolling with their blue lights activated for high visibility.
Please approach an officer if you need assistance:

Downtown A-1: (617) 343-4240
Charlestown A-15: (617) 343-4888
East Boston A-7: (617) 343-4220
Roxbury B-2: (617) 343-4270
Mattapan B-3: (617) 343-4700
South Boston C-6: (617) 343-4730
Dorchester C-11: (617) 343-4330
South End D-4: (617) 343-4250
Allston/Brighton D-14: (617) 343-4260
Roslindale/ West Roxbury E-5: (617) 343-4560
Jamaica Plain E-13: (617) 343-5630
Hyde Park E-18: (617) 343-5600

Yes, got alerts on phones on two different carriers for outage and restoration.

Also email from local police for both (I’m subscribed to those.)


Interestingly, I saw this post on social media showing some confusion across state lines.

I believe this person lives around 100 miles from the nearest border of Maine. Note the first alert doesn’t specify which state is affected but the second does.
Commenters on the post indicate they received the alert in NY and NH (both of which border MA directly whereas Maine does not).