LVL3 Issues?

Any one else noticing routing Issues with LVL3? I have customers that cannot get to some of my IP's that are in the same block coming though LVL3.

A city, IP address or something along those lines would be helpful :wink:
We have a level(3) connection and haven't seen anything yet today....


It sounds like an issue that we've seen twice with them. They'll be
routing an entire block for us just fine, but traffic for one IP will get
stuck in a routing loop and never makes it to us. The one time that it
happened the technician ended up doing a few soft clears on their BGP, and
the other time it was fixed before we could contact them about it..

It always seems to happen after we have a problem with our connection to

I've seen these a few times, usually traced back to LAG issues on
their Force10s (ebr in traceroute).

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall