Lucent/Avaya Cajun experiences

This request is largely for anecdotal/historical purposes. The recent
Foundry/Riverstone posts reminded me of a topic I'd kept meaning to

My organization will probably be replacing all of our L2/L3 Lucent/Avaya
Cajun switches in the next few months with Catalyst 65XX series boxes.
Our experience has largely been disastrous - 3 operational years have been
filled with _constant_ HW and SW failures, buggy code (i.e. backplane
suddenly stops all traffic forwarding), horrible tech support, lousy
online resources (a la SW releases). Their M770 ATM gear hasn't been much
better, and their PacketStar media gateways are still, surprisingly,
limping along.

Anyone care to share their own Lucent/Avaya experiences?

Please feel free to reply off-list and I will provide an anonymous


Well, thanks to all who replied. I've attached annotated replies at the
bottom of this message.