Looking Glass Source

To all interested parties:

The availability of this code is being made public in the hope that
other ISPs will put up trouble shooting sites of their own. I beleive
that the more troubleshooting sites publicly available at the major
exchange points the better.

I make no guarantees as to the stability or portibility of this code. I
have it running on an Ultra 1 with Solaris 2.5.1 and Apache 1.2.4 with
mod_perl. I can see no reason why it wouldn't run on any web server with
perl installed on it seperately. The code, as written, requires perl
5.004. With a few variable declaration changes it can be made to run
under 5.002. It also requires the Net::Telnet module which can be found
on CPAN and installed in a matter of minutes. It also requires the CGI
module which comes standard with the 5.004 release of PERL.

There are five variable near the beginning of the code that need to be
defined before this program will work properly.

Now that all of that is said, enjoy!

Mark Tripod
Senior Backbone Engineer
Exodus Communications

                --- CODE BEGINS HERE ---

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w