Looking for VPS providers with BGP session


I'm looking for providers around the world who are able to provide VPS with a BGP session but it seems to be rather difficult to find. I have already found a few with WHT/bgp.he.net/google but a little help would be appreciated.

Does anyone have contact or know people who can offer such services ?

If yes, please contact me off list.

Our budget is quite low: around 50$/month/node +/- 50$ depending the transit providers for a server with 1-2 CPU cores, 20 Go SSD or SAS and 1-2 Go RAM.

I'll be happy to share my provider list we use with anyone who needs it.

Thanks for your help,


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I am looking for this as well. I am OK with 1 CPU core since all I need is
a default route.


you might find useful to see Nat Morris's presentation on "Anycast on a
shoe string".
He lists several VPS providers that do BGP for his project.

Here is one link:


You may want to look at this presenation from Nat Morris:


  - Jared

I recommend http://www.quadranet.com/ ! I have been a happy customer
for almost two years,

I have a single dedicated server over there, running full BGP feed
with them, It's a fairly extensive setup with multiple sessions,
automatic null routing and all the communities tinkering! Their NOC is
very friendly and very easy to work with!

I would avoid QuadraNet for VPS services. They refused to give me a
/48 (not even another /64). And it took a shout on WHT for them to
respond to my tickets opened months ago.


I am apparently 2 weeks behind on reading nanog, and haven't posted here in probably 17-18 years. We offer that service.

Philippe found us last week, so thanks to whoever pointed him our way...